Kitchen Kettle Village, Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Kitchen Kettle Village. Bild:

If you plan to spend an entertaining day in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country it is always a good idea to come to Intercourse and visit Kitchen Kettle Village. Just one thing in advance: The Kitchen Kettle Village is a place which is set up for tourism. Depending on the season and weather conditions you might see some more tourists other than yourself.

And the prices for food and other goods may be above the average, but we always like to be there to sneak through the village and explore the little shops. Or to sit outside under a shady tree and listen to „Banjo Jimmy and His Sidemen“ playing ragtime folk music.

Since more than 20 years Banjo Jimmy and his Sidemen are an institution at the Kitchen Kettle Village. Banjo Jimmy LaRue was born in Coatsville, Pennsylvania. He started playing Banjo at the age of eight. He remembers that his Stepgranddad had a banjo and he used to play sometimes up in the attic. One day, when his granddad was away, Jimmy sneaked up to the attic and tried to play on the banjo. His granddad came home unexpectedly and Jimmy was scared of getting spanked. But his granddad wanted him to play again. He got his guitar and played along with Jimmy. And after Granddad passed away, Jimmy taught himself the chords.

Kitchen Kettle Village is a shopping-village with more than 40 little shops. Theme of the Village ist he nationwide popular „Jam and Relish Kitchen“, with homemade jams, jellies, relishes, pickles and jarred fruits. The receipes are passed from generation to generation.

When you stroll through the Kitchen Kettle Village you will find a candy shop, a Pretzel store, artwork, toys, ice-cream, quilts, potteries, baskets and Delicatessen. And of course lots of souvenirs.

For popcorn-lovers: This is the place where you get the delicious Kettle Korn, which is filling the air with its great aroma. Or come and get you some of the yummy fudge at Pepper Lane Fudge & Sweets. „Deb, our ‚Master‘ Fudge maker (she hates this name) makes the best fudge all over the world since more than 20 years.“

Kitchen Kettle Village

There are lots of other family-friendly activities. Visit the pet-zoo or make a Buggy Ride and see the beautiful landscape of the PA Dutch Country, an Amish Farm and a covered bridge.

Outside the Kitchen Kettle Village there are additional shops within walking distance. Lapp’s Coach Shop offers a big selection of handmade country style and Amish furniture. You should not miss the Candle Barn. There are lots of candles with different scents and aromas. If you are lucky, you can view the craftsmen making candles.

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