Do You Like Chocolate, Too?

Hershey's Chocolate World. Bild: usa-wir-kommen.deThen visiting Chocolate Town USA is a must! The small town Hershey in Pennsylvania, also known as The Sweetest Place on Earth, is Home to one of the largest chocolate manufacturers of the world. Throughout the town you will be reminded of the sweet tradition. You can smell the heavenly scent of chocolate coming from the factory. And there are street names like Chocolate Avenue or Cocoa Avenue. The street lanterns are decorated with giant Hershey Kisses.


Visit the Kutztown Folk Festival

Kutztown Festival. Bild: usa-wir-kommen.deDo you like fairs and open air folk festivals? Do you like good food? If the answer is „yes“ then you should not miss the „Kutztown Folk Festival“ in the borough of Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

The festival takes place every year at the end of June or beginning of July. Exhibitors, musicians, dancers, actors and other participants come together for 9 days at the Kutztown Fairgrounds to entertain the visitors with folk music and dancing, to demonstrate their crafts or to spoil the people with scrumptious and plentiful food.


Strasburg Railroad, Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Strasburg Railroad. Bild: usa-wir-kommen.deWhen you come to visit the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, you certainly will hear about Strasburg, a small town of 2,800 people. The historic Old Town remains nearly unchanged since it has been founded in the early 1700s. While strolling through the streets of Strasburg, you still can feel the charm of the old times and you can hear the clip-clop of the Amish horses and buggies.


Kitchen Kettle Village, Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Kitchen Kettle Village. Bild:

If you plan to spend an entertaining day in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country it is always a good idea to come to Intercourse and visit Kitchen Kettle Village. Just one thing in advance: The Kitchen Kettle Village is a place which is set up for tourism. Depending on the season and weather conditions you might see some more tourists other than yourself.


Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Quilt-Shop in Intercourse. Bild: usa-wir-kommen.deWhenever we visit the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, there are some places, where we always love to come to again. Intercourse, a small town alongside the old „Philadephia Turnpike“ (Route 340), located in the eastern Lancaster County, is one of these places. And it’s not because of the name.

Intercourse is one of these American towns where the traditional plain way of life of the Amish People, the Mennonites and the Brethren dominates. These are Christian communities which more or less keep themselves away from the modern conveniences.


Amish People in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Farm in Pennsylvania. Bild: usa-wir-kommen.deWhen I visited Lancaster County in Pennsylvania for the first time, I thought I came to another world. There were the familiar views of people driving in their cars. Homes and shops were connected with landlines to the public power and telephone networks. And the people were wearing “normal” clothes, jeans, sweatshirts, suits or dresses.